Drug Rehab in Bedford, NH

Recovery Support in Bedford, NH

A substance abuse problem is compulsive, and can easily spiral into a nightmare for the person. Out of control use of intoxicants can lead to a situation where a person is no longer able to fulfill their daily responsibilities, and the reality is that this can lead to the loss of a job, family, a marriage, social reputation, and health. Yes, it’s a lot to lose, and it’s really not worth the cost. Still, the difficulty with this kind of problem with intoxicants is that it can lead to highly irrational behavior and a lack of judgment.

Anyone who is suffering from a serious problem with the use of drugs or alcohol should seek treatment in one of the many drug rehab centers from New England Wellness. The good news for those in need of support in achieving sobriety is that now help is out there. Our substance abuse treatment facility in Bedford, New Hampshire is one of the centers now open, welcoming those who need help. Anyone who is struggling to deal with a dangerous substance abuse problem should know that the professionals at the drug rehab facility in Bedford are available to offer healing and professional assistance without judgement.

Beginning Addiction Recovery

A client who enters treatment at the Bedford addiction treatment facility will be given a consultation by one of our counselors. A treatment plan will be devised based on the client’s individual needs, following a dual diagnosis approach. This approach treats the substance abuse as well as any underlying mental health problems that may be leading to issues with intoxicants. It’s been found that this style of treatment is very effective in establishing a long term recovery. Once the plan is set, detox in the addiction recovery center is administered.


The detox process in the addiction recovery facility involves weaning the client off of drugs and alcohol slowly, so that withdrawal symptoms, will be kept at a minimum. Licensed health care professionals support the client, supervising the process throughout, to ensure that the client is safe until the detox is complete. After the client’s body is cleansed, they will begin counseling sessions.


After detox in the Bedford addiction treatment center, counseling and group sessions with other members in recovery will begin. The goal of these sessions is to allow the client to work through the psychological problems that may be driving much of their substance abuse issues. Throughout treatment, the client will be encouraged to speak openly about their issues, and share their struggles and insights with others in the group setting.

Along with psychological counseling, clients will also be encouraged to take part in activities that strengthen them physically and get them in touch with sensations and feelings they may have lost touch with while using intoxicants. These activities include hiking, art, yoga classes, nature walks, and more.

Planning for Aftercare Once Treatment is Complete

Once the course of treatment in the Bedford drug detox clinic is complete, a counselor will work with the client to establish a course of aftercare to support ongoing sobriety after release from the clinic. The aftercare plan may include a recommendation for enrollment in a group home with others who are also in recovery. Ongoing counseling sessions as an outpatient may also be part of the aftercare plan, as well as twelve-step meetings.

Ultimately, life after treatment at a New England Wellness addiction recovery program will involve ongoing work towards remaining sober. The aftercare program will help to support the client as they continue the work of recovery.

Is it time to seek healing for substance abuse issues? Call the addiction recovery program today to get the support you need. Call today.