Drug Rehab in Providence, RI

Imprisonment comes in a variety of different forms, and in many of those ways, we are doing it to ourselves. I'm not talking about being in a prison. You are imprisoning yourself by allowing drugs and alcohol to take control your life. The addiction controls your thoughts, choices, and movements. It controls every aspect of your life. You thought you had this coping mechanism managed, and you have probably tried many times unsuccessfully to let go of this addiction, but you haven't been able to. It has become too big, and you can't fight off this monster on your own. You have isolated yourself because of your addiction to drugs or alcohol, and you feel like there is no one out there that cares enough to help.

New England Wellness substance abuse treatment facility in Providence, Rhode Island, is here to help you. Drug rehab centers may seem intimidating, but there is no reason to be afraid. We want you to be successful in your sobriety and healthy in your life. More than that, we want you to be able to go back out into the world with a new lease on life, ready to give yourself what you deserve, a happiness that you have not been able to find. In our Providence drug rehab facility, we will give you the treatment, tools, and support to find and maintain sobriety.

The first step is to detox. Here at our drug detox clinic in Providence, we offer supervised detox to make sure you are safe the all way through detox. We want you to be comfortable and safe. We want you to be successful, and that means you need to start recovery with a clear mind and body. Addiction recovery takes many difficult steps, we are on your side, you can do this. This is why you will be surrounded by a team of positive, encouraging people who care about you.

This community of all different types of people will be your support system during your stay at our Providence addiction recovery center, the people you lean on and those who you can talk to. They will be the people who tell you that you can do this. This team understands your experiences, and they want to listen without judgment. Maybe you have never had that before, and now you can have that precious gift. It is important to feel comfortable enough to speak up about your experiences and your story. Speaking honestly is vital in treatment. It will show you that you do not have to be ashamed, and that this is now a success story of something you have overcome and moved on from. New England addiction treatment center in Providence offers extended support groups where you can open up and listen to other stories.

We believe you are an individual. It can be easy to feel lost in the crowd or invisible. At our addiction recovery program, you are a unique person with a unique story. This is important to us, which is why we will have an individualized treatment plan designed just for you.

Our addiction recovery facility in Providence also treats dual diagnosis mental health conditions. Sometimes there is more than one issue at play. You may have a mental illness as well as your addiction, and this mental illness could have pushed you toward addiction to drugs or alcohol. This is not something to be ashamed of. A mental illness, when treated properly, can be managed, helping you live a happy life. Both should be treated simultaneously for the best chances at recovery.

An addiction treatment facility is not a cure. You have to make the decision to work hard on your recovery, but with an incredible support system behind you and experts that will teach you the tools to stay sober, you will be successful in living the happy, healthy life you have been wanting. You do not have to do this alone.